FAQ - Bags

Your top questions, answered

1. What are the bags made out of?
We make our bags out of recycled plastic bottles and billboards. The bags take about 17.5 bottles to make on average. Our bags are lined with about 1 yard of vinyl from actual billboards.
2. I love the concept. How do the bags look on the inside?
Each bag is different and unique. Our bags are all one of a kind. No two bags are the same. Some bags have text and graphics inside while others might be a solid color. 
3. Are the bags waterproof?
Yup. The bags will keep your personal items dry in wet conditions. We wouldn't recommend trying anything under water with the Earth bags though.
4. Sweet. Do you make any other products other than basics?
We have other products that we plan to roll out in the future. For now, keep in touch and sign up for our email updates when we launch new products.
5. How much is shipping
We offer free shipping in the US.
6. All that is cool, but really, how do you do all of this? 
We partner with corporations, ad agencies, and non-profits to help their recycling efforts by transforming waste into bags and accessories. We collect billboards at risk of being tossed in landfills from Virginia, Oregon and everywhere in between the east coast and west coast. We cut and sew the patterns to make Earth bags.
7. What if I want to order a bag that is not currently in stock?
In an effort to reduce trash and bring you the best value for every Earth bag, each release is done on a limited scale to reduce production waste. There is typically a 10-15 day wait on out of stock items.