Hamilton Perkins Collection was born out of a simple necessity:

The need for affordable designer bags that look good, perform well, and make a difference.

We get excited about making something that doesn't exist and seeing it bring change and make a difference.  It's about people for us and when they trust us to design the bag that they carry we don't take the opportunity lightly.  Our level of care sets us apart in a market where there are so many options to choose from.

An alternative for travelers on the go

We broke down the traditional walls of the retail industry and invited customers to share their comments and thoughts with us.  We interviewed 1,000 travelers to start new relationships and they told us how e could best serve their needs when re-engineering a classic travel bag.

 We see philanthropy & giving as an essential part of running a business today

In collaboration with our workshops and suppliers, we are committed to supporting fair wages and delivering value to less developed nations by sourcing raw materials that divert plastic bottles, save water, add revenue, create jobs in parts of the world that need it the most.  We track or progress and submit to rigorous third party review to ensure accuracy and accountability.
For bulk order inquiries, please email info@hamiltonperkins.com.