70% Of America's Waste Is Not Recycled

Discover Our Commitment To Upcycling

We see the potential in materials that others may discard. We believe in giving a second life to everyday items, turning them into high-quality, sustainable products that not only look great but also do good for the environment.

Our journey begins with the very materials we use. We source recycled plastic water bottles, pineapple leaf fiber, billboard signs, and a plethora of other reclaimed materials. These materials are often collected from local businesses, saving them from a fate in the landfill and transforming them into something extraordinary.

We take great pride in our transparent and eco-conscious manufacturing process. Our materials are sent to our factories located in New York, Los Angeles, and overseas, depending on the style and design of the product. This global approach allows us to combine the best of craftsmanship and sustainable practices.

But our commitment to sustainability doesn't stop with our products. We actively support other socially impactful and environmentally-friendly small businesses through our sourcing efforts, creating a network of like-minded partners dedicated to a greener future.

From Landfill To Luxury

Circularity In Action

We have had the privilege of working with prominent organizations, including Hewlett-Packard, Nordstrom, Target, S.C. Johnson and Son, Dow Chemical, Oracle, Salesforce, Barnes and Noble, West Elm, Holt Renfrew, C.F. Martin & Company, Imerys, Leesa Sleep, Zappos, Paramount Pictures, AMEX, Hanover Insurance, NYC Department of Sanitation, and even Ellen. Together, we've successfully transformed over 1 million plastic bottles into bags and repurposed over 100,000 pounds of old signs into our unique creations. Our goal? To reach 10 million bottles and over 500,000 pounds, making a significant dent in our global waste problem.

Hamilton Perkins Collection

Turning Trash Into Treasure