Lights, Camera, Gifts! Unique Bags Used For Paramount Pictures' Wrap Gifts

Lights, Camera, Gifts! Unique Bags Used For Paramount Pictures' Wrap Gifts

It can be hard to find the right gift for the special people you work with. This is exactly what some of the best in business come to us to collaborate on.

We always recommend to opt for unique and different gifts to make it more personal and memorable. Your team will cherish the thoughtfulness behind a gift they can talk about forever. 💬💕

Whether you have your own materials or not, we can create elegant wrap gifts and merchandise using materials from past shows or productions. Customization is also available to make it extra special. 🎭✨

We understand that choosing the right gift can be hard, but a unique gift rarely disappoints. Recipients appreciate the effort of receiving something exclusive that others can't give them. 🎁🤗


Paramount Pictures wanted to give a great gift to crew members. They wanted to provide them with a branded product that embraces sustainability. 


We made bags to order that fit the aesthetic of Paramount Pictures and provided an overall great experience with a short timeline.

Beyond appearance, utility matters, and our best seller, the Earth Bag Premium, fits the bill for any occasion. It's a versatile backpack, duffle, and crossbody bag all in one. We can use materials you provide if you wish, although we have everything we need to craft the bags. 🎒👜🌏

While upcycling is exciting, there are costs involved in receiving and storing materials. As a small business, we cover these costs through the orders we receive, which is why we prefer to only use materials that can come with orders. ♻️💰

We welcome custom projects of any size, no job is too small or too large for us to handle. 🛠️💪

For a quote or any inquiries, get in touch with us at Let's create something amazing together! 📧🤩