Why Sustainable Fashion is the Future: A Deep Dive into Eco-Conscious Choices

Why Sustainable Fashion is the Future: A Deep Dive into Eco-Conscious Choices

The more we create, the more there is a waste stream to deal with but what can we do about it? There can be a lot of red tape to even get to that waste when working with the biggest companies in the world. The decisions of the eco-conscious are having more impact than ever before. Let’s dive in to how it shakes out.


If you have a jacket that you love. How many times will you realistically wear it? This is not only a question for consumers but also for corporations. There are several creative ways to get more out of a wardrobe but it takes some creativity. One way to get more mileage out of every garment is to repair it or recreate it. You can take a jacket or garment that you have worn and liven it up. This might include new buttons, new zippers, or new labels even. 


To remake a product is something we have had fun with. We take existing product and rework it into new product. This usually involves taking them apart while maintaining the same pattern. Using that pattern we can adapt to the new creation and wear for years to come.


Sometimes we can simply “level up” the purchase. The wear you get from a higher quality item that has been worn for years will and will last vs items that are not well made and don’t hold their value. So using them over a longer period of time will results in a net benefit to the customer and the environment.

In conclusion, there is not a perfect answer but we have found that there is a benefit to doing things together and collaborating with our customers. If you know someone that would like to team up on a project reach out at info@hamiltonperkins.com.