Why Renewables Matter And What You Can Do To Help

Why Renewables Matter And What You Can Do To Help

I had the distinct pleasure to sit down with Nisha Witt of Aesop Technologies. You may have recently seen her featured in Inc Magazine. Nisha is an impressive veteran, spending nine years in the Navy. This time prepared Nisha to know a thing or two about damage control.

Before making awesome solutions to our climate change needs, Nisha was a petty officer, second class, on destroyer warships in the Persian Gulf. Nisha earned a degree in environmental sciences and spent time multitasking her vision to work to develop sustainable energy sources.

So what does Aesop Technologies do? Aesop Technologies develops renewable methods to recharge cell phones. The company has won multiple business competitions, providing its initial funding.

The Norfolk, Virginia based company secured the City of as the first customer of the newest solar product. This solar bench is outfitted with advanced solar panels and phone-charging capabilities. Check out our interview here.


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