Who Else Wants More Behind The Scenes In 2017?

Guest Talk at Ellwood Thompson

Last week went by fast. Already 15 days into the New Year and things are looking real good. This post is likely more of a quick recap but hopefully will give some insight to what’s been going on in our world, particularly behind the scenes. I’ve gained a lot of clarity in the last week and have been feeling like exploring the idea of going behind the scenes.

The reason I started my work at HPC is because I couldn’t find a bag that I could be proud to carry. While the bag is important, the process and relationships always stood out to me. I’ve learned about myself in the last 6 months and see first hand how we help. I’ve been honored to have the relationships I have and to be apart of something that is bigger than myself.

I took a trip last week to Richmond, Virginia where I attended various business meetings and want to highlight the fact that I was invited to share some words at the Virginia B Corp Winter Social about our work. I got a chance to connect with inspiring people like Michael Pirron of Impact Makers, Richard Hood of Ellswood Thompsons, and the founding executives at Acorn Sign Graphics to name a few.

Something that I could see that we all had in common was that we developed loyal customers that we delight with our products and services but at the core we are all really focused on social responsibility. It gets me excited to see the steps that other companies are taking especially from the B Corp community.

I spend a lot of time working to get these moments because I really do cherish them. If you have ever made something from nothing you will know that it is a lot different from stepping in after something is already established. The challenges, the rewards, the ups, the downs, it’s all different. Personality plays into what works best but I know I am really lucky that so many things worked out the way they have.

On the home front, I’d like to reiterate how game changing it has been to have our showroom open in Virginia. We have a lot of fun here and can’t wait to see you so be sure to come say hi. See you soon, until then follow the journey here.