What Recycled Clothing Should Look Like ♻️

What Recycled Clothing Should Look Like ♻️

We have some bad news, and some good news. 

The bad news is that the shirt you’re wearing now likely produced about 6.75 kgs of carbon (that’s 15 pounds) between manufacturing and sale. 

The good news is that our latest collection of Earth Shirts produced just 1 kg of carbon

Here’s some bonus good news: this line of shirts is completely unique – literally. They’re unlike anything in stores because we made them from discarded ad signs and existing garments

TLDR: we take textiles nobody else wants and rework them into new garments. 

The final results are 100% original, high-quality, and meant to be worn for years to come. 

We’re so passionate about upcycling for maximum environmental impact because of the 92 million tons of clothing produced every year, only 20% are recycled. 

We’re working on slowing this damage, and we take this mission seriously. 

A lot of work goes into each garment to make it as appealing as possible to shop sustainably. We…

  • Source the discarded material from around the United States
  • Design the pieces before production to align with the latest trends
  • Work closely with Fortune 500 companies to turn their own trash into corporate merch

Earth Shirts are dropping soon on hamiltonperkins.com. No two collections are alike, so if you like what you see, grab them fast. 

To learn more about making your next corporate gift from upcycled material, reach out directly at info@hamiltonperkins.com.



Hamilton Perkins Collection Team