The Fan-Favorite Duffel We Customized For Affirm 🛄

The Fan-Favorite Duffel We Customized For Affirm 🛄

We’d love to snag a second of your time to show off our recent collab with Affirm, the buy now pay later company. 

We know, we know – it’s stunning ⚡ Affirm needed an end-of-year gift to send out to their employees, and we caught their eye late last year for a few reasons:

👉 First, you already know that we go above and beyond to achieve our sustainable mission. We make everything in our collection from every type of discarded material, including water bottles, billboards, vinyl signs, and old clothing. What’s more eco-friendly than trash? Hello, corporate sustainability. 

👉 Second, they loved the feel of Earth Bag Premium, our absolute top seller. It’s half duffel bag, half backpack, and can be adapted for pretty much anything with its 3-way zipper system. The material is flexible and soft, and the design features plenty of pockets for laptops, passports, headphones, and more.

👉 Third, even though we upcycle everything, we can color-match Pantone to keep in line with corporate branding. Both the Earth Bag duffel (which we made from water bottles) and the small zipper bag we created were customized for Affirm’s unique color palette. 

Here’s one more reason why we wanted to share this collaboration: Affirm didn’t approach us with any of their own textiles to upcycle. 

We always have leftover material from other projects and partnerships, so even if you don’t have anything to offer up, odds are we can still come up with something special.

Ready to make a unique sustainable collection for your organization? We’re all about collaboration, so we’d love to hear what you have in mind. 

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