The Exact Formula We Used to Upcycle Nearly 1 Million Plastic Bottles

The Exact Formula We Used to Upcycle Nearly 1 Million Plastic Bottles
Earth Day Everyday.

Our journey started with recycling one plastic bottle. We found partners along the way that could help us make the world a better place.

We've impacted nearly 1 million bottles to date.

We launched on Kickstarter and had a $10,000 goal. We finished the campaign with close to $25,000 in pre-orders.

We did trunk shows around the country and got our manufacturing solid. We sold our bags in independent stores around the country and then opened our own pop up store.

We were approached by Zappos to create a line of bags made from their advertising signs. This was a milestone for us because it gave us the opportunity to work hands on with a customer and transform their trash to create impact. We could directly tie it to the work to the outcome.

We would later go on to be featured in Ellen’s subscription box and were given major publicity for our work. We literally went from trash to TV.

Now we are very focused on taking our customers trash and turning it into new products.

We specialize in trash that can be sewn in its current state.

Looking to take action?

If you work at a company where gifts are purchased or products are designed/sold and want to find a sustainable partner for upcycling reach out at

Looking for more action?

If you are shopping for yourself or others head over to our site and use code EARTHDAY30 for a deal today.

Message us for collaboration or bulk orders.

Have a great Earth Day!