Sustainable Success For National Geographic 🦁

Sustainable Success For National Geographic 🦁

Check out this project we worked on for National Geographic. We started with their logo that you've probably seen a lot that actually says “National Geographic”. We mocked up this version and embroidered it into our Earth Wallet Travel Edition.

We would go with a different logo ultimately, but that is the point. We offer the chance to iterate and come up with new designs based on a client’s goals for the design.

Another fun fact was how we used the props that we already had on hand to show size and to compare placement options.

Problem: Develop a customized sustainable gift for delivery to an event client. 

Solution: We worked with our existing templates of bag designs to produce the perfect product.

Outcome: Amazing travel wallets delivered and enjoyed by the National Geographic team in Washington DC. 

We ended up making the wallets from upcycled plastic water bottles. And then we made the liner from an upcycled nylon. And it came out really well. The wallets are black, and the logo is white. 

They did have an event that they wanted to distribute the wallets at. We were cognizant of this and made sure to keep a tight production schedule.

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