REVIEWS: David Rochez Of Downtown Dapper Reviews Our Earth Bag Premium

REVIEWS: David Rochez Of Downtown Dapper Reviews Our Earth Bag Premium

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Spring, is that you? I can say that I took my Houston days and nights for granted after walking my dog in negative zero-degree weather. But it wasn’t all bad and it kind of went by quickly. I’m very excited that we’re stepping into Spring/Summer and can enjoy the upcoming days outside with my family.

With our upcoming family vacation set for May, my family and I wanted to take a weekend trip to Chicago and see what the city has to offer. When it comes to packing for any trip (weekend or vacation) I tend to overdo it; so I needed a bag that was solely a weekend bag. The thing about some weekend bags is that they can either fit a lot or a little and this Hamilton Perkins Collection Earth Bag was the perfect size for my trip. 

What I liked about my Premium Earth Bag is that the bag is water repellent and it’s made from recycled plastic, which is helpful for our ecosystem. A few other details that I enjoy is that you can use the bag in 3 different functions such as: duffle bag, backpack and crossbody, it can fit a 15-inch laptop, and probably a very important benefit is having a canvas finish around the bag. We all know that bags take a lot of damage going from home, to car trunk, through airport baggage claims or in storing and all over again; having a canvas finish allows for the bag to withstand damage and it can still look good. 

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