Repair, Remake, Reuse: The New Mantra in Sustainable Fashion

Repair, Remake, Reuse: The New Mantra in Sustainable Fashion
Approximately 8% of landfill waste consists of textiles. Consider this: most of this waste has no better destination than landfills, unless someone devises an alternative to repurpose it into something new. Even with numerous upcyclers striving for the same goal, the volume remains daunting.

Our approach specifically targets the volume of textile-based waste. We repurpose a range of materials, from vinyl to fabric signs, transforming them into bags and accessories. Having collaborated with several large companies, we've established a robust supply side for our feedstock. Currently, our primary focus is on education and expanding our consumer base.

Repair. In terms of repair, we adopt a circular strategy. Instead of discarding old clothing or bags, we accept various items, including banners, to reincorporate into our bag and accessory collections. We also revitalize older items, infusing them with new, upcycled energy, thus preventing them from becoming environmental hazards.

Remake. Regarding remaking, we transform previous generations of advertising banners into new items. These banners often feature artwork, which we either subtly incorporate or highlight at the client's request. This process, guided by brand collaborations, allows for creative freedom in crafting bespoke garments or bags from their materials.

Reuse. In the reuse phase, we maximize the lifespan of materials. Imagine if every garment were used twice instead of once. Currently, only 1% of textiles are recycled. If we could double this to 2%, we would halve the time it takes for materials to decompose in landfills from 10 years to 5 years. By continuously doubling our efforts, we believe we can significantly mitigate this problem.

We encourage the continued use of our products and support brands committed to upcycling and rebranding. These efforts contribute to broader sustainability goals. For bulk upcycling inquiries or information about our workshops, please contact us at