Leveraging Upcycled Bags to Increase Lifetime Value and Sustainability for Foot Locker

Leveraging Upcycled Bags to Increase Lifetime Value and Sustainability for Foot Locker


In the environment we are in, there may be questions about what is the next best sale. It is always the existing customer. What if we could offer a product that assisted with developing relationships with those existing customers? That is what this case study is all about.

An effective solution that addresses these goals while promoting sustainability is the integration of upcycled bags into their marketing initiatives. 


It is not a new concept to use products and gifts to increase lifetime value with repeat customers. We offer a fresh approach to using rewards and incentives that gamify the buying journey for the most loyal customers. 

There are timeless studies showing that competition increases engagement leaps and bounds. Whether buying sneakers or clothing the psychology is no different. You will spend more when there is a “reward” on the line. It is just human nature.


We worked on a project to make shave kits made from upcycled plastic bottles. These kits are a great fit for the program because they are contextual to the customer. Customers that buy shoes and other items for upsells at Footlocker will naturally need a place to keep small essentials.

The liners on these bags were made with billboard vinyl. This is especially important when considering what type of contents go in the bags. Most of the time there are items that spill. 

Think about the last time you traveled and how the bags were handled. Not exactly the most cared for part of your trip that is for sure.

It is important to have lining materials that can easily be wiped out and even have a pop of color to make it easy to find the goods you are looking for inside. These are all major benefits of the use of the bags for this loyalty program.


  1. The collaboration offered an eco-friendly incentive to customers looking for unique products on the FLX store by Footlocker
  2. The bag size makes them an easy item to drop ship to the end customer.
  3. Foot Locker was able to keep these customers engaged and show them more products that will ultimately lead to them returning and spending more with in store purchases.
  4. Foot Locker is able to show its customers that they are bigger than even their core business of shoes and they have values that are aligned with the end customer and emerging youth customer segments.

In summary, this was a great project for both of us for different reasons. Looking for information to get started on your loyalty program or something else? 

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