Leesa Sleep x Hamilton Perkins Collection: Billboard Vinyl Transformed Into Unique Bags

Leesa Sleep x Hamilton Perkins Collection: Billboard Vinyl Transformed Into Unique Bags
We collaborated with Leesa to recycle and repurpose their used billboard vinyl into limited-edition bags for their employees and stakeholders. The project saved billboard vinyl and diverted recycled plastic bottles from landfills. We teamed up to create a simple duffle bag in recycled plastic bottles and recycled Leesa billboards. The bag features an outer sleeve for smaller tech items. Each bag from the collection is one of a kind.
We organized the materials for this project and sent them to our workshop for production.

The collection featured canvas made from recycled plastic water bottles sourced from landfills in Haiti.

We diverted the billboards from a landfill by simply turning them into quality unique bags.

Sustainable bags send a strong statement to employees and customers.

The old banners were removed from their respective positions on the highway and delivered to our original office at the Old Dominion University Innovation Center and co-working space.

Our inspiration was to make the duffle bags practical and useful for a healthy lifestyle while ultimately promoting healthy sleep on a Leesa mattress.
Advertising with print provides several impressions and allows clients to present their customers with strong calls to action.

We help our partners amplify this messaging and continue the conversation with the consumer through word of mouth.

A key takeaway from these projects is that recycling isn’t just something for a select group of companies or individuals.

Minimizing waste is easy when you start with marketing and brand building.

One of a kind bags are seen by the mass market and word of mouth message travels with every bag.

This project took about 6 weeks to complete.

★★★★★ “Picked this bad boy up while attending an event for a good friend at the MacArthur Mall location. As a mobile DJ I needed a good quality bag to carry extra cords and cables and man does it do the trick. The durability is phenomenal and the fact that it’s eco friendly is just the icing on the cake. Planning on more purchases soon!” - Daniel G

The bags were made in New Jersey.

If you are interested in bulk orders or would like to see your advertising vinyl, billboard vinyl, or similar materials turned into unique bags for promotional gifts or resale, we would love to hear from you at info@hamiltonperkins.com.