Hewlett-Packard x HPC: A Coachella Music Festival Bag

Photography by Nalani Hernandez-Melo
Photography by Nalani Hernandez-Melo



Experiential marketing has evolved into a viable way to drive brand awareness and to create community. There are lots of potential impressions and clicks online but capturing attention at one moment or at an event is a valuable way to meet new customers and to introduce them to a brand story.


We were excited for the opportunity to supply Hewlett-Packard with bags made from recycled plastic bottles and billboard vinyl. We were tasked to design and develop an eco-friendly and sustainable festival bag that could be used for a giveaways to visitors of the activation at Coachella Music Festival. The bag was also able to demonstrate the technology developed by HP in a practical application like screen-printing.


The collaboration diverted and impacted tens of thousands of plastic water bottles, preventing them from ending up in landfills. Hundreds of pounds of local billboard vinyl from Hampton Roads, Virginia were utilized in the process of integrating into the HP digital dreamland at Coachella.


Drawstring bag is made with canvas made from recycled plastic water bottles and billboards. The corners are reinforced with billboard vinyl. These bags will be carried several times after the festival and will continue to drive brand awareness while keeping hundreds of pounds of waste from landfills.

  • Size - Length 16.5 inches x Height 13 inches x Depth 1 inch
  • Color - Blue
  • Materials - Recycled plastic water bottles and Billboards



We started the project with making prototypes and samples. We applied swatches and colors to the bag and handled bulk production across 3 different factories. Our logo sewn was inside the bag and the outside shell was left open for a heat transfer of a custom graphic developed in the HP lounge. We found cording for the bags that were sturdy to handle and would last over the long term.



The bags were one of a kind, lightweight, and all featured different art patterns from old billboard signs. The bags featured billboards on the corners, resulting in each bag being unique and different. The body of the bag was made with a soft canvas made from recycled plastic water bottles making the bag comfortable and easy to wear.





If you are interested in corporate gifts, activations, bulk orders or would like to see your advertising vinyl, billboard vinyl, or similar materials turned into unique bags for promotional gifts or resale, we would love to hear from you at info@hamiltonperkins.com.