How We Turned Theater Signs Into Gifts For The Virginia Stage Company

How We Turned Theater Signs Into Gifts For The Virginia Stage Company

At HPC, we work with whatever discarded materials we can get our hands on. Sustainability may be our mission, but we also love seeing how different each and every collaboration turns out

Corporate clients choose us for merch because we make it easy to keep things fresh, interesting, and aligned with core company values.  

Instead of merely talking about helping the planet, we make it possible to move the needle on personal sustainability (and flex some style while we’re at it). 

Let’s take a look at how we’ve lived up to this promise for the Virginia Stage Company – each time we’ve partnered up to make their merch, the diverse results have blown us away:

The Material: The VSC sent over vinyl and fabric signs left over from previous productions. They couldn’t be reused for future shows, but they were still in great condition. 

The Process: We used AI files to get VSC's art early on in the manufacturing process to decorate the bags. This kept us on track for timely delivery and ensured we got the highest quality prints across each bag where applicable.

The Final Product: We produced 500 tote bags featuring a custom print. Thanks to the variations from the signs, each pocket and liner was completely unique. The VSC team used them as gifts for theatre members to both thank them for their support and showcase their commitment to sustainability. 

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