How To Turn Trash Into Revenue For An Annual Event

How To Turn Trash Into Revenue For An Annual Event

 Most of the time there is enough fabric or vinyl ad promotion for annual events that you can reclaim them and turn into bags. These bags can increase a lot of value in an organization.

But how do you take responsible sourcing to the next level and integrate into your marketing and communications?

Take a look at the gold mine you are sitting on. Even if your company is low waste you probably still have more vinyl or fabric advertising than you may be aware of. 

The best time to look for this is after events. Usually the dust is settling from a long cycle of inviting attendees and making sure they are satisfied. Once this is over a lot of the operations team is faced with the decision. Do we throw it turn it over to “recycling” or do we turn it into a revenue generating source for the next year?

This waste makes for some of the highest quality gifts that an organization can produce. Think about it. It has already made it through brand scrutiny and approvals and can always be decorated further with embroidery and printing.

One simple idea to consider would be fanny packs. They are smaller and consume more material and the costs are lower because of the size of the item. Shipping weights are lower too.

Some ideas for fanny packs made from signs. These work great at the following


-live events


Here is a bonus. You can plan the product in a few ways.

First there is an upsell opportunity when you are selling tickets. You can always add the product as an upsell if you could get 1/10 to take action on the offer this is added revenue you would have never had. 

And better yet, the revenue is still helping you with marketing because the word of mouth and social media value has to be factored into this as well. It is like your customers are paying you to market your product or service.

The real sauce is when you gift the guest’s and vip’s. Your VIP’s are premium buyers and deserve such. It is better to spend more to give them a product they will want to keep vs something that they immediately want to throw away. This is not just good for the planet it is good for business.

Ideally, you give the speakers one set of products from an exclusive collection or color family and the vip’s are presented with a slightly different design. 

You can always give the general admission guests a great product also. You will increase your sales for the next year also with the next sale of these items. 

In summary, remember that the local grocery stores are great at upsells and there isn’t any reason we can’t all be. It might take some planning but that is what we are here for. 

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