How To Turn Pineapple Leaf Fiber Into Bags

How To Turn Pineapple Leaf Fiber Into Bags

We started making bags from recycled materials. The materials we select are always unique. We felt that bags did not have to look “recycled”. Our bags made from Pinatex pineapple leaf fiber achieve this goal. The bags are 95% made from recycled content and feel sturdy while maintaining their shape. We make these bags with 3 easy steps.

1. First, we decide on the style and create the pattern. Materials are always the beginning of what we do since our focus is all recycled materials. We decide on our references and the direction we want to go in in the beginning from there.

Then we will start to construct a mood board that provides a creative brief of what we are looking to create with the product.

2. Decide on accents. We start with the end in mind when it comes to our pops of color. Based on the types of materials we source we will be sure to cross off any art or colors that we know we don’t want to line or apply to the exterior of our products.

We will make sure that the materials will work well with the pineapple leaf fiber. These materials have to work well with our sewing machines and can’t be too tough that it won’t have some flexibility. There is a balance we always strive for.

3. Lastly, we finalize the spec and patterns for the product that we are designing. We want to make sure that any final comments or revisions are included before we cut samples. We want to be as close to a final sample as possible to avoid wastage.

We also will make mockups on the computer before moving to the production environment to get more information for how the product will actually look once it is made. We confirm the changes and then make the bag. 

In summary, making bags can be fun and may take some time to get right. If at first you don’t succeed, try again. If you want help making bags get in touch at