How To Nail Your Next Corporate Gift Order ✅

How To Nail Your Next Corporate Gift Order ✅

93% of global consumers expect their brands to support issues like the environment, which is why you’re reading this newsletter – you’re on the lookout for sustainable initiatives, and we specialize in making sure they have impact 🤝

We get a lot of questions about the HPC partnership process, so let’s run through a few to illustrate how we maximize corporate upcycling:

  • Is my company a match for HPC? Are we too small, too big, or in the wrong industry?

  • When we say we work with companies big and small, we mean it. Our partners include small businesses with fewer than 15 employees, Fortune 500 corporations, and everything in between. 

    With this flexibility, we fulfill many definitions of ‘corporate gifting.’ While our bigger clients need traditional merch to hand out to employees and clients, our smaller partners utilize HPC for many other initiatives, including…

    👉Rewards for loyal customers

    👉Gifts for prospective sales clients (let’s be real, we’re more memorable than business cards)

    👉Products for resale 

    Long story short, whatever your organization looks like, we’re likely a match.

  • What if we don’t have materials to work with? Or just a few scraps?

  • No materials? No problem. We have *plenty* of textiles to work with. 

    If you’re fully digital or service-based, you likely don’t have any leftover materials lying around anyway. That’s totally fine – as long as you’re on board with our upcycling mission, we’ll get creative with what we have in stock, or handle the sourcing on your behalf. 

  • Who takes the creative lead? What do we need to have ready?

  • Again, we’re all about flexibility. If you have a product in mind already, we’ll bring it to life. If you need us to drive the entire design process, we got you. 

    We have graphic designers, copywriters, and textile artists ready on deck – send us a logo or a brand guide, and we’ll handle embroidery, printing, and more. 

    Finally, timing. If you’re ready for a partnership, plan for 6-8 weeks from sample approval to door delivery. 

    Excited to get started? Us too! 

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