How To Merge Style and Sustainability

How To Merge Style and Sustainability
As the variety of options for styling yourself with recycled products increases, the question arises: where should you begin? Many of us are eager to dive into the movement headfirst, and for some, this approach works best. Over the years, we have developed a method that has proven effective for us, which we'll break down in the following paragraphs.


Start by focusing on one aspect of your lifestyle, whether it's clothing, travel, or bags. Specialize in one area and continue to develop your skills there. Attempting too many things simultaneously can be overwhelming; deeper expertise in one domain is achieved through repeated exposure. This principle applies to most fields. For instance, basketball players excel in their sport and aim for the NBA rather than juggling multiple sports and constantly starting anew.


Discover your style. This could involve combining muted tones or choosing bright colors to express your personality. Experimentation is key to finding what suits you best. You aren't bound to one look. Tips from our styling experts include being comfortable and making a statement. Start by upcycling items from your own closet, one piece at a time, to see how it influences your style. If you need assistance, feel free to contact us at


Whether it's considered a buzzword or not, the sustainable fashion space is attracting more customers than ever. The rise of social media has increased brand accountability for the products we love and consume. We advocate for alternatives to traditional materials, believing they can complement each other. For instance, if a company struggles to sell its products, we are ready to rework or recycle them into new items for their customers or ours. Learn more about this approach here.