How To Kickstart Sustainable Change At Work ♻️

How To Kickstart Sustainable Change At Work ♻️

Odds are your organization has made ‘sustainability’ a goal, initiative, or company value. Have you seen any improvements yet?

It’s much easier to talk about making eco-friendly changes than it is to actually implement them.

Hoping to be the one that gets the sustainability ball rolling?

We’ve helped powerhouse companies like Ellen, Paramount Pictures, Affirm, and many others transform their own trash into upcycled, customizable corporate gifts. Each of our collaborations is one of a kind, and the impact per bag is about 13 kg of CO2.

Let’s take a look at one of our latest projects for DOW Chemical:

The Ask: DOW’s Board approached us to ask for help creating branded bags for employees and board members. As a sustainable science company, they wanted to inspire their team with tangible methods of reusing plastic.

The Challenge: They needed them customized, and they needed them quickly. The bags had to be delivered in time for distribution at a critical company event.

The Final Product: We decided to upcycle billboard vinyl from a previous project to create the custom labels (nothing goes to waste at HPC). Because we have a close relationship with our factory partners and design team, we were able to deliver specs, patterns, samples, and final products on time and in budget.
We had a fantastic time collaborating with DOW, and we’re always on the lookout for similar initiatives!

If your company is looking for uniquely sustainable client, board, leadership, and employee engagement gifts, get in touch at