Fruitive x Hamilton Perkins Collection: Plant Based Bags For The Holiday - Made From Pineapple Leaf Fiber


We teamed up with our friends at Fruitive to make one of a kind bags made from Pinatex pineapple leaf fiber and billboard vinyl. We chose festive colors and a style that would inspire healthy living while bringing awareness to the benefits of a plant-based diet.


We started by sourcing Pinatex pineapple leaf fiber in gold and silver. These colors would allow us to provide the structure of the exterior of the bags. Once the sustainable non-woven material was received we began to cut the patterns developed by our in house design team.

We paired the leather alternative with local billboards. We used billboards from Richmond, Virginia. With the ethically sourced material made from pineapple leaf fiber we had lots of options for products and the ultimate direction that we could go through.

At first glance the ecological material looks like leather but when you look close up you can quickly see that the material are innovative and are high quality. As a result of the innovation of the material the bags we designed are water-resistant and biodegradable. 


80% PALF (Pineapple Leaf Fibre)

20% PLA (Polylactic Acid)


1 m (L) x 1.55 m (W)


~ 1.5 - 2 mm


~ 400 gsm


Individual pieces of billboard from Richmond, Virginia Advertisers were cut for the collection. These corner edges provide a vibrant pop of color and contrast. The result is that no two bags are exactly the same.




Quick facts:

Approximately 4 pineapple plants or 120 leaves are needed to produce 1 bag for this collaboration.

The Pinatex materials make the bags water-resistant. Waterproof spray can be applied to the bags.

There is approximately 13 million tonnes of waste from global pineapple agriculture every year.



Care Instructions:

These bags are able to be cleaned with warm soapy water. If the bags have heavier dirt that can not be cleaned easily you may lightly rinse with warm water. Do not fully submerge the bag in water. Submerging the product could cause irreversible damage.

Let the bag air dry after cleaning. Avoid heat sources to speed up the drying process. Do not place the bag in a washing machine or dryer.

Colorless wax can be applied to the bag once it is dry. You can apply a small amount to a dry and soft cloth You should rub sparingly in a circular motion until fully absorbed.

The bags can be buffed once waxed with a dry cloth. 

Shop the full collection exclusively in Fruitive stores and our store on November 23rd.


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Hamilton Perkins Collection

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The collaboration will also be available in our web shop and the Fruitive web shop.