Ferguson Enterprises x Hamilton Perkins Collection: Showroom Signs Deconstructed And Transformed Into Bags

Ferguson Enterprises x Hamilton Perkins Collection: Showroom Signs Deconstructed And Transformed Into Bags

We collaborated with Ferguson to help provide a creative outlet for recycling as the enterprise looks at its waste profile, we turned their old showroom signs into products. Ferguson is an $18 billion company with 28,000 employees worldwide. The project began with learning more about the materials we would be working with.


The challenge when designing with recycled materials usually starts with testing and experimenting with the possibilities. The material used for the bags is called 3P Value Premium Backlit fabric. This fabric is backlit in over 250 showrooms and we are able to salvage it by converting to backpack duffels. It is manufactured by a company based in Germany.


- Material: 100% Polyester

- Surface: Matte

- Weight: 3.53oz. / yd2 – 120g / m2

- Thickness: 6.29mil ~ 0.16mm

- Flame Resistant: B1

- Width: 36"  to 126"

- Length: 50m or customized

- Useable Inks: Aqueous Dye / Pigment, Latex, Solvent

- Applications: Indoor Light Box

- Benefits: Excellent Price / Performance Ratio; Universal Printable


As we evolve our capabilities and expand to take on new projects we find that we continue to move away from virgin materials. The possibilities when working with recycled materials are almost infinite. From remnant fabric bolts to sampled textiles we can advance from a mood board to prototype quickly. The appeal is that every item is one off and never produced exactly the same ever again.

Billboards from Hampton Roads, Virginia were salvaged and used to create this collection. 

-Width: 48 ft

-Height: 14 ft

-Finish: 7 oz black back vinyl

-Weight: 45 lbs

The material provided for this project was delightful to work with. It did not need much cleaning or preparation because of its short lifespan indoors. We were pleasantly surprised at how well it worked with the billboard vinyl lining. We touched on the benefits of the project and how Ferguson thinks about sustainability by podcast.

In summary, we touched on recycling, sustainability, and why the work is never over. We spoke about the importance of growing the awareness of skills and trade. Some key resources and references were offered like the Carbon Disclosure Project, Dow Jones Sustainability Index, and much more. Listen to the full episode here.

Some materials we have worked on but are not limited to include billboards, polyester, vinyl signs, event banners, museum banners, sailboat sails, vintage uniforms and clothing. If your organization would like to submit recycled materials for a project please send your inquiry to info@hamiltonperkins.com.