DOW Chemical x Hamilton Perkins Collection: Corporate Gifts and Holiday Gifts Made From Recycled Materials

DOW Chemical x Hamilton Perkins Collection: Corporate Gifts and Holiday Gifts Made From Recycled Materials
We teamed up with DOW Chemical with an exclusive line of duffle bags made from recycled plastic bottles and billboard vinyl. The bags featured billboard vinyl from Richmond, VA. We produced the bags in in Los Angeles and upcycled the vinyl into several colorful pieces to provide accent to these casual gym bags.
The purpose of the bags were to serve as gifts for DOW Chemical, specifically for their board of directors. The bags were filled with swag. This was a special production run of bags with a tight deadline. Our capabilities were made available for a fun project to make Christmas Holiday themed bags.
Each bag is individually cut to order. The recycled materials are soaped and washed before being cut. All of our styles are designed and developed in house. Once we agree on designs with a customer we can execute on a finished pattern. 
The old signs can be repurposed in several ways. The products that are made from a collaboration like this does not only solve the problem of utility. It also inspires other brands and corporations. This is the inspiration and leadership that is needed to bring widespread adoption of the concept. The more that an idea becomes familiar, the more likely we are to be comfortable with the idea and to ultimately adopt it. 
The DOW brand is iconic and has a wide reach. We were fortunate to the put our bags in the hands of industry titans and the unique mix of business operators on the DOW Board. The goal of the collaboration was to show plastic in a way that is different than a typical use case scenario.
Sustainability presents unique challenges and opportunities for emerging brands and large companies to unite. The partnership opportunities to upcycle old marketing materials into product can easily fit in the promotional marketing category or under advertising. The positive brand value and revenue potential is there not only from an ROI perspective but from a long-term strategic perspective.
These water-repellent bags can hold 27 liters of bags. The canvas made from recycled plastic water bottles is also cut before production. The plastic water bottles were sourced from Haiti and transformed into textiles.
The finished products were well received and delivered on time. We shipped directly to the headquarters where the items could be packed and distributed. 
The advantages of corporate gifts made from recycled materials are two-fold. You can generate word of mouth buzz for your brand that would not ordinarily be able to be created with traditional product. The other advantage is in the product story. This type of product collaboration is a good conversation starter for employees and/or shareholders and allows for more opportunities and dimensions to do business.
If you are interested in corporate gifts, Holiday orders, bulk orders or would like to see your advertising vinyl, billboard vinyl, or similar materials turned into unique bags for promotional gifts or resale, we would love to hear from you at