Do Internships Still Matter?

Do Internships Still Matter?

We think so.  The internet has done a lot to change how we learn. We consume differently, we work differently, and we think differently. There is a catch however. Some things still operate the same old way. The more I go down this path I learn that some things just work because of relationships. So what does this have to do with internships?

We introduced our products on the viral platform, Kickstarter last summer and shipped products to our first customers around the holidays. We moved into a small space in the ODU Innovation Center and hosted our first trunk show at Bloomingdale’s in New York. We even took home the grand prize at the Virginia Velocity Tour. We’ve made new friends and are still writing our story. This summer we look to select a group of young talented people to help us evolve our company.

Who. Who do you follow on Instagram? Have you ever built an account from zero to a lot of leads for a business? One of the special things about running a business in 2017 like ours is the dramatic opportunity to add value through practical social media. We need your help with executing this.

What. What do you know about fabric? Do you think about materials in your dreams? Do you have a knack for selecting textiles and are you good with matching (or not matching) colors? We want to hear from you. We need help on our Ops team . This is a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor and to gain the knowledge that will set you apart from 99% of the competition.

When.  When you wake up, what is the first thing you do? Do you read past the headlines? Do you think like an editor? Are you up on current events? We could use your help in our PR and communications team. We have a cool product that more people need to hear about. Our PR internship offers a unique opportunity for you to learn the skills required to communicate a vision and collect some serious industry contacts along the way.

We believe that nothing is accomplished without hard work. Alternatively we believe that nothing happens without talent. The intersection of the two can create magic. We can control effort. Sometimes this goes a long way, longer than you might think. We welcome you to apply to our positions. We hope to help you achieve your goals as much as we want to achieve our goals. We look forward to hearing from you. Keep up with us here.