A Quick Guide To Corporate Gifting (Recycled Materials Edition)

A Quick Guide To Corporate Gifting (Recycled Materials Edition)

Give a gift. There is not a one size fits all approach to sourcing gifts that come with a recycling component for an organization. However, there are some common mindsets that work well to make the corporate gifting process easy and seamless. Applying this methodology to your next project in advance will maximize impact.

Curiosity. This is usually the beginning of all of the partnerships we have done to date. It typically starts with a challenge that an organization might be looking to solve. We look at that challenge as an opportunity to do something different. We try to focus on bringing a new idea to the table with each material we use for a project. Some questions to think about that may make your next upcycled gifting project a success.

  • Do you have a closet in your office where old signs and banners are tucked away from past events?
  • Do you have advertising signs that might have never been used at your local printer or ad agency? (Some print jobs are off in color or size and never see the light of day)
  • Is your company rebranding? If so, what will happen to all of the old branded marketing collateral?
  • Do you plan to renovate an office or work space? If so, are there materials that could be recycled (think seat back covers, couches, signs, and more)?
  • Do you have old branded clothing or uniforms that could be upcycled into a future collaboration?

Creativity. Once you take a couple of minutes to ask a few questions of your colleagues or team you will quickly find that there is a goldmine at your fingertips. By salvaging signs and banners right from your office you have unlocked a rich source of inspiration for your next corporate gifting program. These actual materials can be upcycled into products and accessories that can be decorated and gifted to employees, clients, or partners. 

Communication. Storytelling has always been an effective way of communication. As you begin or continue your corporate gifting journey look for ways to make content as early as possible. Those pictures and videos that can be taken in the earlier stages of your planning will go a long way to share your organization’s mission and vision with your customers, employees, or partners.

In summary, making an impactful gift for your stakeholders will take a lot of work but it doesn’t have to be impossible. There are things you can do to get more leverage out of the creative process while making strides to support a more environmentally friendly gift for your team. Staying curious starts the ball rolling with everything. You don’t have to know everything but being open to the idea is key. By being curious you give your creative partner the chance to make from your old waste and reimagine something new that your stakeholders will love. 

Finally, communication is a variable that can catapult your eco-friendly gift giving by documenting your process along the way. If you would like help with products that have a purpose, reach out at info@hamiltonperkins.com.