Two Entrepreneurs Talk Fashion And Food

There is more to recycling and being socially aware than just reusing something. It also starts with reducing what we use overall. After all and as the saying goes,recycling only works when there is someone on the other side of the equation. When I’m not busy building Hamilton Perkins Collection I am talking to other entrepreneurs and hopefully giving them another audience to speak to and engage with.

I spent time a while back speaking with a friend and entrepreneur Chef Chris Hill. Chris is an accomplished author, marketer, and all around good guy. We talked about the current landscape of doing good but also some of the important tips and tricks needed to be successful when you are just starting out. Check out the Facebook Live session here.

We all see ups and downs as entrepreneurs and have many paths to travel to take success. There will always be something to learn but the start is the biggest part of the journey. We reflected on how it is imperative to actually get started. Our experiences would have never happened if we did not get started somewhere no matter how ideal the situation.

I was reminded that the state of the internet and many other business areas today are changing dramatically but a lot of the core recipe’s for success are the same. Chris built a following of over 100,000 people by being relatable and authentic. He’s also really consistent.


The magic of making something for the world and putting it to use has been done many times before. In recent weeks I have made up my mind that the journey is something to share. Sometimes this is just as valuable as the output of all the work and process. There is always a positive note that someone can take away and apply to their own situation.

When I started Hamilton Perkins Collection I wanted it to be multi-faceted, to include products but also to be a resource for people to get inspired and to take action on their own ideas. Expect to see more content from me and interviews that dive deeper into the principles of success and achievement.

Whether you are starting a fashion company or working at a company thinking of your next idea, I’d love you to get involved and to be apart of the story.

I welcome you to join the community here.