6 Inspirational Snaps From The Social Good Summit 2016

Everything about the Mashable Social Good Summit was inspiring.  The idea of the event was centered around the convergence of technology and social change.  Appropriately, I proceeded to snap my way through my experience in the Digital Media Lounge, trying out Virtual Reality, and my time spent hanging out on the balcony.  

I met a ton of great people doing big things in the non-profit world and in the social enterprise space.  I'm looking forward to the next summit already. I arrived at the Social Good Summit during Chelsea Handler's talk.  I listened to her talk and took away the simple fact that we all can use our platform or respective power to make change.  

She spoke about her audience and how she is able to do things that are interesting to her and that's something I can relate to.  Here are some snaps and takeaways that originally appeared on our Snapchat account.


The point here is that young people (all people) must take leadership roles and support sustainability with discipline.

Learning about Shazi's B Corp, I was reminded about the intriguing fact of living in America.  You can go from 0 to infinity, and it won't be the first or last time this gets done.

No matter what you want to do, if you set a goal your chances of crossing the finish line increase dramatically.  We must actually put the work in.


The courage and leadership of these young students was felt in the room.

The intersection of equality and inclusion will continue to become more dynamic. Innovative and outside the box thinking is how things get done. 

True story.

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